Innovation4Media (I4M) is dedicated to the strategic development of digital and broadcast service for public media organizations. 

We started our work in 1998, as public broadcasters were just starting to recognize the value of Internet service. 

Since that time, we:

  • Worked with scores of stations and all the major public broadcasting networks to analyze the evolution of public service media.
  • Conducted ground-breaking research to advance new media applications and assess their impact, and we
  • Organized some of the most important multi-station projects aimed at advancing digital practice and identifying key performance indicators.

Now, with support from the Wyncote Foundation, we

  • Organize and manage an on-going, industry-wide conversation called the Public Media Futures Forums and
  • Conduct an annual search for Local that Works, projects and community services that will allow stations to "be more local." Through these Forums and Local that Works research, we are helping to envision the next decade of media in the public interest.

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