WYSO, broadcasting from Yellow Spring, OH, outside Dayton, developed an extraordinary approach to community engagement.  Over the last five years, they have trained 500 local residents—from the editor of the Dayton newspaper to a score of local high school students— to produce professional quality audio.




For two years a coalition of media groups reported on gun violence in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Together, the local newspaper, a Black-oriented talk radio station, a local public radio station and an independent filmmaker created a deep and devastating portrait of “a slow motion epidemic” of carnage among inner city youth.




How many times have your wondered about the real life of…. Someone from another faith, another country, someone very different  from your family and heritage. In the midst of the Trump campaign, KUOW-FM in Seattle, decided to create a setting where people could, explore this phenomenon, in a project called “Ask A Muslim.”  And it worked wonderfully.