and innovation
in public media

We work "with and through" stations, networks, funders and key industry associations.   

We learned--time and time again--that building a stronger public media system requires collective effort.   

Our contributions to public media include:

  • Hosting twenty-seven public media FUTURES FORUMS, ranging from “the future of membership fund raising” to “understanding media impact” and re-imagining the NPR news network.
  • Creating LOCAL THAT WORKS, a two-year joint effort with Current, the leading public media news provider, to collect, analyze and share outstanding examples of locally originated public media service.
  • Providing financial analysis of public radio news for the Pew Journalism Center State of the News Media Report.
  • Working with 15 major public media stations and National Public Radio to identify key performance indicators across six major digital platforms.
  • Managing an 18-month analysis of the evolution of Membership Fund Raising Practice within public broadcasting.
  • Analyzing Collaborations that Worked for a special session of the Public Media Business Association.
  • Collaborating with the Station Resource Group to test and advance mobile giving for public stations.
  • Collaborating with the Center for Investigative Reporting to host "Analyzing Impact," a conference on defining and tracking the measurable impact of media projects.
  • Analyzing the Public Radio business ecosystem for a special session at the 2013 Public Radio Program Directors Conference titled "Is our Business Model Unraveling?" 
  • Co-founding IMA, the Integrated Media Association, the principle industry advisory group for new media strategy and practice for U. S. public broadcasting.
  • Organizing six National Public Media Conferences and launching Public Media Metrics, the first effort to provide comparative analytics for digital services in public broadcasting.
  • Managing the CPB Public Media Innovation Fund, which placed $800,000 in R&D investments in online news, social networking, new business models and online education.